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Curious about Wooden Canoes
I’ve been following WCHA for a couple of years and always appreciated the knowledge, skill and generosity of its’ members. I started building my own boat a couple of years ago but working out of town and other parts of life made progress slow. I am happy to say that I’ve finally completed my first boat! With a form I acquired in Edmonton Alberta, I sourced some clear white cedar, got a few tools and began cutting, shaping, bending and nailing...learning as I went along, particularly from those great books out there often cited by those in the know. I also sourced as much info as I could from the pages of the WCHA and I will always be grateful for the wealth of info in it’s records, and the willingness of members to help a novice. Anyway, the boat is 16 ft, based on Chestnut Fort/Prospector, white cedar planks/ribs, sitka inwales, cherry decks/outwales, ash seats (they look quite pale so I will change them to cherry). I’ve learned a lot from this project and can’t wait to start my second boat...but for now, I’m going to enjoy paddling my first self-built one...I do have an old Bastien Bros that I still enjoy but I suspect that one will be on Kijiji before too long. I should also say that I had a tremendous amount of encouragement from my lovely wife Debra who also bandaged my wounds. Anyway, here’s a pic...



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WOW!! What a beautiful canoe. That is quite an accomplishment. Have you paddle it yet. I have a Chestnut Prospector, but it never looked that nice even when it
was new. Please post some pictures of this in the water. Will you be bringing it to the assembly at Paul Smiths?
Though I prefer to restore an old boat I can see from your work that one can be justifiably proud when making a new one. Job well done.!
MackyM...thanks for the compliment. Naw, haven’t paddled it yet as the paint is still curing but I hope to do so this coming weekend. I won’t be attending the assembly as I’m out in Camrose Alberta Canada but perhaps some day I’ll get a chance to attend one. Cheers!!
Thank you for the compliment Denis. I have an old Bastien Brothers canoe I’ve had to touch up every now and again so I know a little of your passion for rescuing old boats. Cheers!