Is this an abomination?


Curious about Wooden Canoes
I recently acquired a 17' Old Town canoe that I think is an OTCA. I can't confirm this by Serial Number though because the original stems are gone. Most of the decking is gone too but the lower ends are there and they have the OTCA coaming. (I'm not sure if any other models had that coaming). Anyway, since this is a lost soul of sorts I've had an idea of what I might like to do with it.

I have read that the Molitor is basically an OTCA with modified stem profiles. Would it be totally crazy to install Molitor stems and rebuild the ends to fit the new stems?

If this worked my only concern would be that someone in the future might try to misrepresent the canoe as a genuine Molitor. (This might be a little presumptuous on my part but I am a retired boatbuilder). I would do something to make it obvious that it was a customized one off pile of cedar.

Any thoughts?
It’s your can screw it up any way you want. lol
Truthfully, unless it belonged to Teddy Roosevelt or John Wayne, it is nothing rare or exceptionally valuable. Make it whatever you want to make it.
If it were me, I’d restore to original model, but I respect your thoughts on making it something else.
I once saw a beautifully restored canoe that I couldn't identfy. It looked somewhat like a Morris, but clearly wasn't. WCHA member R.C. Cross had restored it, and it turned out that he started with a Peterborough Minetta that was in very rough condition. He replaced the stems and gave the canoe an entirely new stem profile, and also changed the sheer line with new gunwales. It was one of the most elegantly beauiful canoes I've ever seen, and it paddled like a dream. His changes (along with his excellent woodworking skills) turned this canoe into something unique and extraordinary.