Is this a Huron?


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My daughter has inherited an older wooden canoe from her father, who died recently.

From various descriptions/photos I have found online (especially this forum) it appears to be a Huron, although I have found no decals or plates on it. Is there any way to determine vintage? It is about 16' long, but I can take more detailed measurements if those help.

We are probably going to try and sell it, and (as a clueless non-canoe person) I'd love advice on what it might be worth. It has been fiberglassed at some point and the fiberglass is covered with lichen and starting to decay/peel off, especially where it meets the keel. There is one broken rib (visible in one of the photos) and another spot (not visible) where there was a bit of damage to ribs/planks that is stapled through. Otherwise the interior wood, seats, etc. seem in mostly good condition. The brass strip screwed to the keel is broken in a couple of spots. I know that it was waterworthy when I met him 20 years ago, but have no idea about now.

We are in east-central BC if location affects saleability/value.

Anyway, positive ID and thoughts as to value would be welcomed!

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Yup, it's a Huron for sure. I have restored many. Most Hurons had no markings what so ever. They were widely sold through Simpson Sears and Eatons. When you get going with the tape measure you will find it is 15.5' long, 36" beam and either a 12" or 14" depth. Unfortunately the fiberglass depreciates it more than if it had no covering. That said, I am located close to you and would be interested in purchasing it. Please give me a call at 250 5734527.


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