Is this a close rib canoe or std spacing?

Dan Lindberg

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With the pending addition of a Chestnut to my flock, I got distracted and forgetful and started to question the ID of a previous Chestnut that I have.

So the question is, is the ribs in the attached pic "close" spaced, meaning it's a Guides Special, or the standard spacing, which then leaves the ID to either a Cruiser or pleasure model.



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My guide special 17 foot has ribs 2 3/8" wide (in the central portion) spaced 3/8" apart. Near the ends the ribs are slightly narrower, but the spacing remains the same.

Definitely close-ribbed. It was an extra when ordering a Chestnut canoe. No reason to have the extra ribs on pleasure canoes, because they added weight without any corresponding advantage. Close-ribbing was intended for Chestnut's working canoes (Prospectors, Freighters, Cruisers), which were subject to heavy loads and a fair amount of abuse in the field.

Photo below shows one of my Prospectors with close-ribbing. (Chestnut didn't publish this in its catalogs, but it also helps you catch big pike.)


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Thanks Bob and Rub,

Ya, I re-read the catalog scans after I posted and realized that this is a close ribed version, with the spacing a bit greater then 1/2" it had me "second guessing" but it's not even close to the std 2".

I don't have the dimensions available by I believe it's a Guides Special, an 18' model purchased in 1951. Unforcanately I only have a "verbal" for the purchase date, though I did get it from the original owner, through another party.