Iron stem bands


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Looking for a source for iron stemband material.The Brown had a full length iron band running along from stem to stem in three sections.One at each stem and a long piece along the keel.It looks all original although the keel piece at some point ended up missing a small section of around 10 inches.Im also wondering if the iron bands were a standard on Red Feather canoes built in the 1st War because of brass being used for ordinance.The Brown company folded in 1938.Could this fact be used as a guess for aging this old canoe.

Are you sure you want to use iron for the stembands? If/when the iron rusts it will really rot out the wood on the canoe.

On one of my Brown canoes, the planking was fastened to the stems with iron nails which caused alot of rot and resulted in a very labour intensive repair. When I put in new stems, I was sure to use bronze ring nails which should do a much better job than the original iron nails.

Rob thanks for the input. I understand the problems with iron Im planning on putting the iron back on.Fasteners would be brass.It is an original part of the canoe that isnt all there right now.Ideally I could find a source for the stemband material.If not maybe I would forgo the full length keel band (?) the srembands are of iron.The keel needs replacing.Could I ask on your Browns what are the stembands made of Iron or Brass ?
Thank you