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I am in the process of restoring # 18 58613. They used spruce rails, should I use spruce again, or can I use Mahogany insted, will it effect the boats worth or balance? Also what was the original building dimensions for both rails?
This is a matter of personal opinion. Use of mahogany rails won't change the handling characterists of the boat by much, but it will change the "original" version from a CS (Common sense) to a AA grade, although you should also use mahogany for the decks, thwarts and seats for a complete conversion and upgrade.

FWIW, I prefer to stick to the build record specifications for something that I would call a restoration.

I have a cross section of both inwale and outwales form a 1929 OT HW - I'll try to remember to measure them and post.
Opps, should have read the lower strings/posts first.

But, are you typing the S/N backwards or is it that way on the stems?
"Just what is a "18 58613"?

As for what wood species to use, that depends on what it is, how you plan to use it and how close a "restoration" you desire.

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As promised, here are the cross-section diagrams of the in & outwales from my 1929 OT HW (although the Otca I'm currently working on had the same). Leave them a bit "fat" when you cut them to allow for clean-up, trimming and fitting.



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