International Decked Canoe, US 66, an historic Manana II design

Greg Nolan

see link below for photo and description

The boat, including original plans, is available FREE for restoration or static display to an organization (preferably in the NY metro area) for whom it would have historical or social significance. Baring that, we would let her go to an individual for a reasonable contribution to Carmans River Maritime Center.

I wish I had the means and barn to use and store this boat. They have had it up before.

No boat museums in NYC?

I hope it doesn’t end up in the mystic collections- there are so many boats in there that will never see water or get displayed.
One of my sons is at the Webb Institute in Glen Cove. Not sure if they would be interested but if you get in a bind I can let them know. They are one of the premier Naval Architecture university's in the US, just dont tell Michigan!
I wrote to Carman's River Maritime Center about this boat and suggested some museums. They had already reached out to Mystic, which holds a sister ship.
Hey Todd, those of us who flunk out of Webb wind up at U of M!
Hope your son is having more academic success than I did!
Oh there is no love lost between Michigan and VT grads and Webb. Worked with many of them, all smart folks. Webb grads seem to have more success on bumper stickers on the other grads cars. If you started at Webb my hat is off to you. Took me 7 years to get a 4 year degree,