Information sought about Canoe-1


Kim Gass
the company of Michael Schumacher in Gravenhurst Ontario. Is he around and the company still in business?

I believe the company was sold to him by Ted Moores.

(shamefully I have lurked for four years and not posted). However I recently ran across one of his boats that looks uncannily like a Loon Works boat and Tom believes its a Bug stretched to 15 feet. Apparantly Mike did a construct for a client at an Assembly in the early 90's of a Loon Works Bug but reworked the form later.

Mike and Tom make two of the only sculpted with soft curves deck for hand comfort that I have seen. There are differences in the boats yet many similarities.
Thanks Jim for clarification....hadn't seen update over at SoloTripping....but glad to see more info coming to light on your sure got a great canoe with lots of interesting history and design (especially with Loon Works connection)....truly a keeper....but to be used....keep us posted if you get more info
There seems to be a connection somehow between Jimmy D's canoe and my LoonWorks canoes but it might not be direct.

The build details are so similar and Tom did tell me via email that the Loon Works Bug was the original plug that Mike used but then did a longer version when Mike and client thought the Bug needed lengthening.

Somewhere somehow there was a common ground. I do know one of Toms boats was hanging in Algonquin Outfitters store in 1997.

I am YC back at solotripping.