id help please old town #16 3836

Ot 16 3836


Looks like you have a 16' Old Town model Charles River (CR) in a "CS" grade which stands for Common Sense. It was built with birch decks, thwarts and seats with spruce gunwales. The original color was Dark Green. There was no mention of where the canoe was shipped. A build record is attached.

Since you are a member, I will forgo the sales pitch and thank you for being a supportive member now and for the future.


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Ric, I may have given you the wrong number. I missed a "16" way off to the right.

Number looks like this (the dots are spaces)

Attached is the build record for 163836, also a 16' canoe. Use the canoes appearance and dimensions to determine whether you have the older Charles River or the newer Yankee.


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