Canoe id and title help

Kevin E. Ostick

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Old Town
Hull id is xtc88189g788
Stringer id is 288189. 16
Any information appreciated.
How to obtain build sheet also
Thank You


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Welcome, it is my sad duty to report that the scanned Old Town records stop just over 250,000 in 1984 so no one here can provide more detailed information for this canoe with serial number 288189. The last few digits of the hull identification number you provided indicate that it was probably built in February of 1987 for the 1988 model year. The information at may help you interpret this number. I may be able to identify the model if you post some pictures of the profile along with the width and bow height. The 1988 catalog page below shows that the Otca and Guide models were the two wooden canoes available in the 16 foot length at that time. Good luck,


Wow, the widow I got it from states she and her husband purchased the canoe around 1965.
Husband passed away in 68 and this women whom Ive known 63 years now has always been sharp as a tack.
She's now 96, in a home for elderly due to living conditions (hoarder). Still witty as ever, however I do trust your knowledge.
Kinda bummed, really wanted a cherry antique Old Town. It is the Guide 16.
Thank You.
They could have purchased a canoe around 1965. It just isn't this one. The hull identification numbers were introduced in the early 1970s so that one didn't have a tag on the starboard stern like this one does. A canoe from 1965 may still show up if you are cleaning up from a hoarder. Good luck,