ID help needed for old wood & canvas canoe

Dawn LaPointe

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I would appreciate any help in identifying the builder, model, and year of this wood and canvas canoe. Unfortunately there are no decals remaining and it appears someone scraped away any hint of serial numbers on the stem. I am hoping to learn more about the canoe so I can determine how best to restore it.

I purchased this 15’4" wood & canvas square stern canoe last October (beam approx. 38"+). It reportedly spent many of its 80+ years hanging in a barn in northern Wisconsin. At some point the canvas was removed, but it appears to have been green. I don’t know whether the seats are original, but they are not attached and did not come with hardware. It has an old green wooden keel, outer gunwales, and outer bow stem that are not attached.

The past couple months I have searched quite extensively online (including this treasure of a forum and the Wooden Canoe Museum) and haven't come across a match for the bow deck shape, transom shape, or planking pattern. Let me know if different photos would help or whether there is other helpful info I should provide. Thank you!

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Dave Osborn

I sure don’t recognize this canoe. The fact that the stern seat was modified from an original stern seat from a double ended canoe makes me wonder if the canoe was shortened and transom was added.