square stern

  1. Boatnut

    Restoration details for 1953 Old Town Square Stern (row boat)

    One of my springtime projects will be the restoration/rebuild of my 12’ Square Stern. I am in need of some of the construction details especially with regard to the stern section of the boat. Attached is a photo of my project. As you can see, the previous owner, who has since passed away, did a...
  2. Dawn LaPointe

    ID help needed for old wood & canvas canoe

    I would appreciate any help in identifying the builder, model, and year of this wood and canvas canoe. Unfortunately there are no decals remaining and it appears someone scraped away any hint of serial numbers on the stem. I am hoping to learn more about the canoe so I can determine how best to...
  3. MGC

    Old Town SN 85313 16

    Fossil892, a new member, posted this SN request in the following thread. I'm posting here to be sure that the request is seen. The original thread link follows. Hello Am working on an Old Towne 16' Square Stern Sponson # 8 5 3 1 3 16 Would anyone be able to furnish info or a Build Sheet on...
  4. W

    Build Record Request - or anything you can tell me

    I just picked this amazing canoe up off Craigslist this morning and the plan is to restore her this winter. First step is to discover what she is! I believe she may be an Old Town. After some gentle sanding I was able to pick up a serial number that I believe reads 1678395. Any information...
  5. G

    Looking for info on 1960 Old Town Boat

    Hi folks, I'm new to the site, just ended up here trying to find out more about a boat I'm restoring. It's ~16' Old Town Boat, the square-sterned Sport boat I believe. The serial number on the stem reads 0596 16. I'm hoping somebody out there can at least confirm if that's the right build...
  6. J

    Old Town Square Stern Canoe

    I'm trying to ID an Old Town square stern canoe. Here are some photographs. I'm having a hard time with the serial number, which looks something like 760 15 with maybe "PB" hand carved after the serial number. I didn't have a tape on me, but I paced it out at around 20'. Any assistance would be...
  7. A

    16' Square Stern Wood and Fiberglass Canoe Restoration HELP NEEDED

    Hello, I have a square stern wood and fiberglass canoe that I'd like to repair. The keel is rotted near the bow and I think that the rot has spread to a couple for the panels that are in contact with the rotten part of the keel. There is one thin crack about 8 inches long between to boards...