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My daughter sent me this as part of one of those "gang emails"...

Q. Most boat owners name their boats. What is the most popular boat name requested?

A. Obsession
Joe Gledhill posted the attached spreadsheet with a broad range of canoe name suggestions on the old WCHA forums in November, 2004 if anyone is looking for some other ideas.



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I'm getting a courting canoe from Kevin Martin. It will be named the "Alma D" after my wife's favorite aunt, who is deceased. I have no idea what I will name the other one when I get it restored.

honoring those who are gone...

We recently returned from a trip East to pick up two canoes. Both sellers were very gracious and patient, permitting us to wait until snow-season was over. A couple days ago, we learned that the fellow who sold us the green canoe in the attached picture passed away a week after we picked it up... so we're naming that canoe "Eddie".

Thanks, Eddie... your canoe is much appreciated.



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Final Task

One of my cedarstrips is named Final Task, a nod to Plato. He wrote that a man has four tasks to fulfill as he moves through Life: plant a tree, sire a son, build a house, and write a book. I trust that if he'd lived after 1700 and known the white cedar tree, he'd have added a final task—build a canoe.