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Curious about Wooden Canoes
I posted an inquiry regarding "loose canvas" on my thompson rowboat, back a month or so ago. I was very pleased with the responses and work is continuing as winter/spring just keeps rolling along. I live in a small Pa town and work at a local health emporium where among other things, I conduct senior citizen exercise classes. In the course of one class, the subject of my boat was being tossed around, and a fellow in the back row said, "You ought to talk to Bill Conrad, he makes boats out of wooden strips". Well, I have talked to Bill Conrad, in passing, 2-3 times a week for the last 4-5 years and the subject of boats never came up. I have since talked to him about finding his name scattered throughout this site. I haven't made it over to his place yet, it's several blocks from here, but he told me he had built 11 rowboats from scratch, and restored a number of others. Anyone who knows him knows what a true gentleman he is. The fact that he was president of your fine organization, shows that others have recognized this.
As an aside, I picked up some oars for my boat, and they were both labeled Penn Yan Boats. I needed an extra set of oars, but it seems a shame to deprive a Penn Yan Owner of these, if in fact they are desirable. They are 6 1/2 feet with leather and oarlocks. I would gladly entertain a trade for a set of 7 foot or so servicable oars. If I have posted this in an inappropriate section, please let me know. And thanks again to all for not treating me as persona non grata for going through the water backwards