How to contact Pattie?

Dan Lindberg

Ex Wood Hoarder
Anybody know if Pattie checks the site?

I sent her a e-mail a few days ago respondig to her info request in the WC and haven't heard from her yet.

Patty MacLeish only monitors these forums occasionally and her spam filters regularly will flag valid messages as spam so you may want to contact her another way. All of her contact information can be found at if you don't have it already.

Thanks Benson,

Interestingly, the e-mail listed on the site is different than that listed in the WC. I sent another message to this address.

Hi Dan,

I checked in with Patty, your email had been filtered as junk and by now you should have gotten a response from Patty. Much the same as mail to is redirected to the three webmasters, the mail to is redirected to Patty. Due to spam harvesters, the redirect email is not the same is in the journal, but is one that Patty checks regularly.

Just like doing business anywhere via the internet, usually if you don't get a response, it is probably because the recipient never got it for one reason or another. Spam filters are usually the culprit...