canoe cover

Dave Osborn

I have a customer inquiring about a cover for her canoe. I don't advocate storing vintage wooden canoe in a covering outside, but she has limited space and insists on needing to keep it outside, so I suppose a covering of some sort is the best alternative. Does anybody know of an all weather cover that would fill the request??
In addition to joining the recommendation to contact Sue Audette, there are two resources to check out if a DYI project is being considered:

Discussion on the WoodenBoat Magazine forums with photos on building a cover for a boat not much larger than a canoe.

Plans for a DYI boat cover; also a source for cover materials.

In shopping for a canoe and having seen a lot of canoes stored outside, often carelessly, I would think any storage/cover scheme must:

1) keep water (and snow) out;
2) let ventilation air circulate;
3) keep the canoe off the ground; and
4) protect against wind damage, including cover blown off and falling tree branches.
I double bagged my canoe last winter. Bag lady cover on first - not UV protected - and then the other baggy cover - you saw it Dave a few weeks ago. I posted pics a while back and based on several of your deductions, I realized the damage on my out whales was from water settling on the flat section and seeping through the varnish and causing damage. I will remove the whales next week and sand and re-varnish. Plan is to keep canoe inside this winter and in the future when outside, I'll keep it bagged and of course elevated off the ground but I will also somehow lean it front to back so water doesn't have a chance to settle.
Neither of these covers are waterproof as that is a bad idea. Both do breath and will allow the canoe to dry out but the water sat on the flat of the out whale and tarnished the wood.
I am also thinking about rigging up a tarp over the canoes and keeping the canoe bagged in hopes of minimizing the rain and snow directly on the boat.
canoe shed.jpg
Could she do something like this? It's just a picture I found on the internet.