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Hi. Long time reader, first time poster. I've searched online, but cannot find a good source for a repair kit for a small hole in my Chestnut Deer. Can anyone recommend a premade kit, or an economical way to assemble the materials for myself? The hole goes straight through, but is smaller than a quarter (please see attached photos). Not too worried about the aesthetics- we're planning on re-canvassing the whole thing next year. Thanks in advance for your help.


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I've used Gorilla Tape with good results. It's some sort of high grade duct tape sold by the folks that makes Gorilla Glue. It's available in most home improvement box stores and hardware stores.
Thanks for the quick reply! This sounds easy enough that I could even do it myself:) I don't need to worry about crack in the the planking?
You can try to glue down the chip from the planking, or pull it off, save it, and when you recanvas fit it back in and glue it in. You could replace a a piece of plank, but I've had good luck just glueing little chip like this one.
An alternative to duct or Gorilla tape is covering the hole with a small piece of canvas or cotton using ambroid glue.