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Hi, with the fantastic help of this forum, I now know I'm the proud owner of a 17' CS Carleton (S/N 18195). It needs a little work, and there is evidence of modifications/repairs over the years. I'd like to know more about the likely configuration at shipping, so I can decide on the configuration to restore to. The following areas are of prime interest.

1) it appears that in addition to the center keel, there are lines of screw holes that would imply 2 extra keels - would a 3 keel canoe be original config?

2) There are lines of screw hole below the gunwales that would suggest sponsons were once installed - is this likely an original feature, is there another explaination for the holes?

3) The Carleton pictures I've seen indicate a carry thwart at the bow only and two main thwarts. My canoe has two carry thwarts (bow and stern) and 2 main thwarts, but there are holes (one with a diamond head bolt still there) for a third center thwart. Does this match Carleton canoes of this vintage?


4) The canoe when I recieved it has provisions for a mast in the front seat and floor of the canoe - is this likely added post delivery?

Any help or information you have would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards, Adam
Build Record

Your build record is hard to make out (perhaps ye keepers of ye old records could post a larger size of ye olde image), but there appears to be a "3" on the "Keel" line suggesting the bilge keels may have been ordered.

Also there is some hen scratching on the Build Record on the "Sponsons", line suggesting the sponsons were ordered too.

No mention of a sail rig as far as I can see, so maybe that was added later.

Post some more pictures if you can.

Good luck with your project.
Hi Adam,

Another copy of the build record is attached but it appears that the ink pad was running dry when the dates were stamped so it didn't scan very well. It does appear that it shipped with at least one keel and sponsons as Fitz mentioned. The two extra bilge keels and sail rig were probably added after it left the factory but could have been done by the dealer with factory parts before it was sold to the original owner. Center thwarts were optional and usually attached with wing nuts for easy removal (which is why they often got lost). Good luck with the rest of your restoration,



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