HIN number?


Grand Laker Builder
I'm starting to get the materials together to build a Grand Laker canoe. When it's done will I have to get a USCG Hull Identification number (HIN). I looked at the Michigan Sec of State website and it says that boats made for resale need HIN numbers. Does that mean a home built boat (made for myself) only needs a State Identification Number (SIN?) :eek:

Anyone out there have expirence with this?:confused:
Hi Loren,

Every boat built or imported into the US requires an HIN. This is not the same as a state registration number, but you may require an HIN in order to get a state registration (this is why boat dealers need to provide a Certificate of Origin).

If you are building commercially, you can apply for your own Manufacturers Identification Code (MIC). I don't thinks this costs anything, but means you might get a visit from USCG auxiliary every now and again (just to be sure you know the changes to running light requirements etc....).

If you are building for yourself (homebuilt canoes), you still need an HIN, but now it is issued by the state (usually the DNR). The MIC part of the code will be the states initials. If the state doesn't issue HINs, you are supposed to go to the nearest USCG office.

See http://www.uscgboating.org/safety/boatbuilder/part1/reg33_181_2a.htm and http://www.uscgboating.org/safety/boatbuilder/part1/reg33_181_2b.htm for the regulations.

There are also specific requirements for the placement of HINs.

Hope this helps...