Hi from S. Jersey

Jim G

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Hello, my name is Jim and I live in South Jersey. I'm 68 years old. I'm currently working on the waterfront in Camden and Philadelphia. Back in 1976 I picked up and moved, built a cabin and lived in the mountains of Northwest Montana for around 25 years before returning to New Jersey. Now I'm ready to retire and possibly move to a rural area again. I love wood and canvas canoes and always wanted one but never managed to get my own. Had several aluminum and plastic canoes thru the years though. Thanks for sharing your wealth of your knowledge. I look forward to learning.


Kathryn Klos

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Hi Jim-- and welcome! In addition to hanging out in these forums, you may want to see if you live close to any of the many WCHA chapters. Most get together for paddling and nobody cares if someone paddles a non-wooden canoe, but most folks are more than willing to let a newcomer paddle a wooden one. Some people bring extra canoes for that purpose.

Also, we have a spectacular Annual Assembly each July-- this year it will be the 12th-17th at Paul Smith's College of the Adirondacks. There are links to videos and still pictures on this page: http://www.wcha.org/annual-assembly/ If you can come, you'll see more wooden canoes than anywhere else! Come for a day or for all five.

Some of the chapters put on mini-assemblies-- one or two day events with canoe-related demonstrations and activities besides paddling. Information on these and other chapter events is on the main page of this website (click on "WCHA Home" above).

Again, welcome!