Here is a link

Great project! Thanks for sharing what you (and a bunch of others) have been up to, there in Lovely Lapeer!

a spiritual journey

That is great story about a great event. I'm finding myself, the canoe and the water, they are spritual.
Just got back

just returned from a hunting trip to the western U.P. Some serious weather coming accross M-28. Am tired and road weary but just had to check out the website.

The canoe is a door prize for our upcoming wild game dinner, along with (hopefully) other cool stuff.

And yes, there is something awesome to the feeling of paddling, especially really cool places like Union Bay on Lk Superior in the shadow of the Pocupine Mountains.

To win the canoe (or other cool stuff) one need only to attend the wild game dinner. It's not a raffle.
We have a good "norther" blowing today. Cold tonight for Dallas: 36F.

But dang it you need more snow up there to push the ducks down. Been staring at local woodies all season. Where are the Gadwalls? Where are the Mallards?
Send 'em on down!

Congrats again.

Hi Kathy

Wanted to stop by and check out the barn and collection but very far to go and as yous demonstrated poor conditions. Coffee and a french toast would've been nice tho. I did stop for a quick minute at the deer check station.

I got a little video of a fisher. And you sure have increased the Eagle population. Lots of them.
Good work.

A pair of eagles have nested in the area of that rock-cut right by the DNR deer check station... and yeah, it's a great place to live if yous like wildlife and paddling and other things that nourish the mind and spirit!


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