Chuck Davis

I don't understand how to use this posting system........that's for starters....then - my primary purpose here is to start accumulating good advice and opinions.
I have been canoeing for - well - okay - since I was 9 years old.
I have promised myself that someday I would build a stripper. I am preparing a workshop, etc - to start it next summer.
I have seen lots of great boats and a number of plans but need all the input I can get.
Thanks in advance for your input.
(the first boat will probably be a small general purpose boat - just to get acquainted with the process and find out what my limits are).
Start with...

You just can't beat CANOECRAFT by Ted Moores... You can buy it via WCHA/Amazon and if you end up buying the materials from Noah's in Toronto, you can deduct the price of the book from the kit price...
re: Help

It sounds like you have built some (strippers).
I have never done one and have pretty good carpentry skills but have not done any forming etc.
Canoecraft - is there a web site?
Thanks for input.
Next Steps...

Chuck, Nice to hear that you think I have built many strippers but that is not the case. I have plans for the Bear Mountain Boat 17' Nomad and I have started on the accent strips, etc. but I don't plan on starting the actual canoe until I relocate to the Ozarks in the next few months. I have been a woodworker since a kid and I'm sure you posses all the skills necessary to build yourself a bueatiful stripper. The majority of strippers are built by individuals in garages as that's why they exist. Answering your questions, CANOECRAFT, 2nd printing 2001, is the most highly rated book for building strippers that's out there today and it's author is Ted Moores. You can buy the book through a link from WCHA to Amazon and WCHA will get something out of it. When you have finished reading it, you will know considerably more than most who have not read it. In my opinion, any of the other Canoe books I have don't compare to Canoecraft. Noah's is a boat material and kit outfit in Toronto, Ont. that I have visisted a couple of times now and this is their link: and here a couple more links that have instructions with photo's on stripper construction: & the Wee Lassie II.htm I joined WCHA to get more knowledge and thankfully, I read everything on their forums before the HD crash and I learned alot. I say, get the book, read and jump in... I can't wait to begin as I now feel I know enough to be dangerous... CYA, Joe
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you can do it

Chuck, it is good to hear about another pilgrim into the unknown and Woodchucks advice is sound. About 7 yrs. ago my father sent me some canoe plans for a 14 stripper that he copied from a Mechanix Illustrated I believe. I had been thinking of building a canoe for awhile but i hadn't told anyone not even the wife - you know how they can be about another " little project". Well , I felt that this was an omen or the like so I told/asked my darling-understanding-loving wife. After lofting the forms up I decided I needed a little more info than the article offered and bought Ted Moores excellent book 'Canoecraft' and finished my first stripper. I was pleased- it floated :D A good friend of mine from Albany, N.Y. came for a visit shortly after that and bought it- well I had to build another -right? I did but added 'ribs' to this one because it just didn't look right without them, kind of tricky but it turned out just fine. I should have prefaced this by saying I have never built such a craft before but I did know how to read a rule,use a plumb line and square. From your creditentials it sounds to me as though you can do it. Like all of us who build to paddle for the craft of it -welcome and I'm sure I speak for all- if you need help !- just holler some one here will be more than wlling to offer advice/knowledge-there is a good bunch of people here. By the way we really enjoy progress reports and Pictures if possible .lee...
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I thought I posted a reply - apparently I didn't do something right......anyhow...thanks for the feedback. You guys are really whetting my appetite to make the plunge. I will definitely look into the resources you gave me - I won't be able to get this thing going until next year so will be doing a lot of reading and asking questions this winter. Thanks again. (hope you all don't mind if I kind of hang around and pick your brains).
Side effects!!!

Welcome, Chuck!

What these people aren't telling you are the possible side effects. So, I'm the truth squad.

First of all, the direct effect: You will probably end up with a surprisingly beautiful boat that is very light, paddles like a dream and you will just want to enjoy it. Then you take it out onto the local water and get so many compliments both before and after you get it into the water that it turns into a major social event and there goes your peace and quiet. I talk about having "3-compliment days". I've even gotten to expect them. Most of these guys probably get more, but they overdo the accent stripe, etc.

Side effects:

1) This is addictive. Most of the people who are close to finishing their canoe are already planning their second one. It starts with "If I were doing this again, I would..." You are already starting to think that way, with your, "I'll probably start off with..." or some such comment.

2) I have developed a sensitivity to epoxy and so now I have to paddle my strippers and wait for my wife to retire before building my next one. She has already indicated that she might be willing to take over the glassing and glueing. (How is that for a sweetheart? How many wives will encourage their husband's interest in strippers? ;-) ) In the meantime, I will probably build wood/canvas canoes, but you can see how bad my stripper addiction is.

Best wishes for a long and happy hobby! May your fleet increase!

John B.