Help with the value of a canoe


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I am seeking a home for a canoe that has been living in the basement of my mother’s house for over 15 years. This canoe is handmade, canvas over framework, always under cover, 1930ish, looks like spruce or cedar I have been told, 15’, 32” beam, some broken battens in bow, 2 patches or more.
My mother came by the canoe as a gift from a friend when she died. It was the friend’s father who made it, somewhere in New England in the 1930s. The canoe spent summers at least on Thorndike Pond in NH. Can anyone give me an idea as to what it might be worth?


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The answer is 'yes, anyone can give you an idea' but you won't really know for sure 'til after you sell it. So here's my idea.
Your canoe looks like a skin-on-frame type of construction. Popular Mechanics had plans at one time, i think. Trailcraft also sold plans and kits.
I would expect it to sell on ebay from $200 - $600.
Less than 200 would not surprise me. More than 600 would surprise me very much.
I could be very wrong.
You may find some interesting old discussions of canoes such as your mom's by using the "search" function above. This is one of them:

There's also a discussion of "canoe value" in "Forums":

What Dave says is very true: "value" is determined by what someone is willing to pay for something.

I like the discussion of Trailcraft (first link above) because it touches on the emotional connection people can have with a canoe they built and paddled with a family member. Some of the value in Trailcraft-type canoes lies in the pleasant memories folks have and wish to revisit... like my collection of children's books, which consists of books I remember my mom reading to me.

The post on "canoe value" (second link above) doesn't apply to your mom's canoe in the same manner as it does to a wood/canvas built by a known builder. In my opinion, its greatest value lies in its nostalgic appeal.