Help with identification

Rod Tait (Orca Boats)

I have just received a canoe into my shop for repair. At first I thought it was a more recent Greenwood, but some things don't match. Firstly it came in with fiberglass on it, but after removal of the glass, there is evidence of canvas as staples were still in the planking and rib tops. There is glass mat around the stem, but here I do not see any staple or tack holes. I don't know whether it is supposed to have fiberglass or canvas. The very tight planking is in great shape, due to the glass, but almost all the rib tops are rotted as well as the usual stem top. The serial number is 2077, it is 16 ft., and I have photos on my web site at the following link. Click on MAllard for all album photos. Any thoughts would help.