Help identifying our old canoe


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Hello folks, we certainly hope that someone here can lend us some assistance.

We absolutely fell in love with this old canoe and all we could make out from what the seller told us, he thinks it is either from southeast asia or indonesia.

I took the best pictures I could, and we are hoping to find its origin and or learn something about its history.

Realizing it is no longer a working canoe, the fact that it was converted to a wine rack is the only reason we have it, it sits nicely in our dining room.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.



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My guess, and this is pure guess, is that it is indigenous Amazonian. Southeast Asia is known for producing artifact items for export so it very well could be that too. It would not surprise me if the dugout was purposely made as a wine rack from the outset. I'd also guess that an original dugout canoe would be way to valuable an artifact to make it into a wine rack. That's my quota of speculations for the day.