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Enthusiastic about Wooden Canoes
I am a new member (I guess that's obvious). I live in Walpole, NH. Build a wood strip canoe twenty one years ago. Before I retired, ("school marm"), I would, each year, take my class on an overnight canoe trip on the Connecticut River. I have recently acquired a 1936 OTCA (18 ft. YIKES!) that is in not that bad a shape but is still in need of restoration. I am a neophyte at this restoration business but am anxious to learn and get started (as started as you can get in a barn in the middle of winter).

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Bill Perron

Welcome, Bill-- you are among friends! Here you'll find a lot of support with your restoration project.

Have you posted your otca's serial number on the serial number search site and discovered the details of its birth? Old Town is one of the few builders for which original build records are available. It can be cool to restore a canoe to its original colors/designs.

Again, welcome--- glad to see you here.

WElcome to the most informative forum there is regarding restorations of the old tradional wood and canvas canoe. Where is Walpole?..I live in Thornton, just below Lincon and the Kanc. If you do as Kathryn has suggested, you will get a reporduction of the original build record for your canoe. Make sure you have written down the numbers on the bow stem EXACTLY as you see them...one digit will give you a canoe different than yours...It is exciting to find the date it was born, who it was conceived for, and it where the stork delivered it. Please feel free to email me ( Check my email address on here) and maybe I can help get you started in the right direction...Incidentally, I get my supplies from Bill Clement in Billerica Mass. and its worth the trip down there to speak to him in person...Very knowledgable and will share suggestions...Once again welcome to the world of Tacks, canvas, fillers, sandpaper, and all the goodies that you will find necessary to give your canoe a second chance at life.

Thanks to both of you for your welcome. I have already taken advantage of your advise and the collective wisdom of some of the members (decal preservation). I have a million more questions but hope not to try the patience and the generosity of the members ...too much.

Thanks again and...

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Your Otca, My Otca...

I am working on a 1914 Otca CS Grade. Lots of discoveries last year while working on it. If you get into some questionable stuff, ask me or any of the others. Had to make some decisions last year and you can get an idea of the experience by going to members list, go to "S" second page, click on "Splinter" and view all threads. Starting in about Early June, you'll see the conversation that started regarding the one I am doing. Lot's of decisions had to be made. Good Luck. We are here for you. Splinter
Hi neighbor

YIkes!, we were neighbors. Thanks for the information on Azland.

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