Hello, from the UK

Steve Gresty

Curious about Wooden Canoes
Hello to one & all,
Just want to introduce myself, I have been watching the site for a while & now think it's time to join in. Apologies in advance for any mistakes I may make,as I am new to this forum. I have built a cedarstrip in the last couple of years,finally getting her wet last year, and "boy have I got the bug now" I have just purchased (last weekend) a wood canvas canoe that I may need some help with various questions, that I will no doubt have, when I thoroughly assess her this weekend hopefully.
This site seems to be a realm of information on wood canvas canoes, which info on this subject can be thin on the ground here in the uk
Best regards
Steve :)
Welcome to the fold, Steve.
Wooden canoes might not be as "thin on the ground" in the UK as you expect.
You needn't rely solely on virtual community.
There is a WCHA Chapter in the UK!

The Chapter Head is;
David Houghton
Wayside House
Moorlands Dr
Pinkneys Green
Berks SL6 6QG England
United Kingdom
01628 674666 or International +44 1628 674666
Email: Houghton.d@btconnect.com
Great Stuff

Hi Rob, thanks for the welcome,thats great news for myself. I have just purchased a uk built wood canvas canoe,from the Suffolk canoe company,which has since ceased trading. I would love to find out more about it's build & the uk chapter may be able to assist hopefully.
Many thanks once again Rob