Hello From the Assembly!

Kathryn Klos

squirrel whisperer
Arrived at Paul Smith's yesterday. Our dorm is wonderful and I have decided to go to college here, if I can stay in this room. I have my own private room with big desk and lots of storage, and share a bathroom with Denis who has his own room. Deborah and Greg Nolan are in the other two bedrooms and we share a livingroom and kitchen with them. The kitchen is nicer than some I have had in houses I have owned, where I've raised children.

The grounds here are lovely and we're getting ready to plop the canoes on the grass.

We've already met some great folks and Assembly has yet to officially begin!

Hi Kathy and Denis,

Glad you made it there safe.

And I 2ed Dave's request, pics please.

Someday I hope to get back to another Assy, but I don't know when, maybe after retirement.