Hello from Seattle…and need your expertise.


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Hi, First time poster here. I inherited my parents canoe and I remember hearing how how my dad had lovingly worked on it when I was a child. I can’t find any maker markings, nor do I know enough about canoes to know how old it is. It appears to be wood and canvas, though even that I am not entirely sure of. It has not seen water in probably two + decades.

Also trying to get a sense of it rare or valuable (to anyone else besides me)!


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Welcome, this canoe appears to have had some significant repairs so it is difficult to know what it looked like originally. Are there any signs of numbers on the inside stems? See the first link below if you aren't sure where to look or if the numbers are hard to read. The second link below may help with the value question. It does not appear to be particularly rare or valuable although the sentimental value as a family canoe may be huge. Good luck,


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