antique canoe

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    Hello from Seattle…and need your expertise.

    Hi, First time poster here. I inherited my parents canoe and I remember hearing how how my dad had lovingly worked on it when I was a child. I can’t find any maker markings, nor do I know enough about canoes to know how old it is. It appears to be wood and canvas, though even that I am not...
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    Does anyone know anything about this old canoe?

    This canoe has been in our family for decades and nobody seems to know where it came from originally. It does have a name on the front but I can't really make out the actual letters. Is there anyone on this forum that can provide some information about it? I'm sorry about the pictures as I...
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    Old town recently purchased #148241

    Just purchased an Old Town 18 ft canoe. Would love to know who restored it and any other information available. When was it made? Whoever restored it did beautiful work. It is a piece of art.
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    kennebec canoe co. serial no. 22456 info needed....

    hello.... looking for info on kennebec canoe serial 22456, year, type, possible worth. we have always had this canoe, grandfather purchased it new but I am unsure of the date. thanks for your help