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Good day,
Brand new to the WCHA Forums and I am enjoying every second of it. Personally I've never built or restored a wood/canvas canoe (nor would I know where to begin) but I do own two beautiful canoes.

One is a circa 1970's 17' Chestnut Prospector, which I had restored at Great Spirit Canoes in Oromocto, NB last summer. They did a fantastic job and the canoe will certainly give me years and years of pleasure to come.

The second is my newest baby. I just this weekend purchased a 20' Grand Laker, built by Bill Shamel of Grand Lake Stream, ME on the "Pop" Moore mould. It is trimmed with Mahogany and Red Oak gunwales and has yet to grace the water. Needless to say, "ice out" cannot come soon enough this year. I've got the 9.8 Merc all tuned up and ready to hit the lake!

Take care guys, I look forward to getting to know some people here and learning as much as I can about W/C canoes.

my canoes

just a few pics of my canoes. thanks guys!


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