Happy Holidays

Bird feeders went up today. Snowing to beat the band, looks wicked nice.


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Merry christmas to you and your family. A very nice video. To day 61 degrees and rain almost wanted to paddle (almost).Merry Christmas from the Kepner Family .
Kathy and Denis, thank you for sharing this video card, it is lovely.
It is snowing here today but not as much as you have WAY up the in da UP eh.
Happy holidays to all of the WCHA members
Newbies. Randy and Teresa Orchard
Merry Christmas

Thanks for the beautiful Christmas video. Hope you, Denis, Bert and Charlie have a wonderful holiday. Best wishes Fred and Lee
Kathy and Denis, thanks for the great Christmas video!!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New (or rather CANOE) Year to you and all WCHers as well!!!! Paddles up until later then....time to get back to the roaring fire sipping on my rum spiked eggnog, munching on a homemade shortbread, a piece of Christmas fruitcake or a mincemeat tart (reminder to self I should get out on the snowshoes to burn off some of these extra calories LOL LOL....although I'd much rather be out paddling)