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Curious about Wooden Canoes
Last spring I received a Gunderson Canoe to restore for my 50th birthday. I haven't had much luck researching it's origins other than seeing a few references. It looks like an Indian Girl clone, but is covered in fiberglass. Does anyone know if that's original? It's a fairly good job, but doesn't look original. I want to know If I'll be working in fiberglass or canvas before I get started. Thanks for any help you can provide.
Don't know for sure what the working dates for Gunderson was, but the one catalog we have is from 1924. Fiberglass wasn't in use yet; their canoes would have been covered with canvas at that time (number 8 according to the catalog).

Any photos?

Dan, thanks for the quick reply. That's the timeframe I've seen references to. I assumed that it was origiinally canvas, but didn't want to assume having read here that canoes built for fiberglass could have lighter weight scantlings.

I'll post photos as soon as I figure out how to do it here :) The style is old, as I mentioned looks like an Indian Girl clone with closed narrow gunwales, cowl and cedar deck. 16'. The ribs are wide but not tapered. A back rest like those seen in many old pictures that allowed a passenger to sit in the floor of the canoe without leaning against the rear seat was included, but I'm not sure if it's original to the canoe.

When I first saw the pictures and was told the aproximate area it was built, I thought it was a Dunphy Indian Girl, it's a dead riinger. Only when I picked it up could I see the Gunderson label on the cowling.
Thanks for the prompt reply dan. This is the second time I'm replying, hopefully it will take this time.

The date you mention is the only reference I've found for Gunderson. There's a couple of other places I still have to follow up on.

As I mentioned, this is an indian girl clone. 16' loa, closed gunwales, with narrow outwales. cedar deck with cowl, ribs are flat; average width without taper. It also came with a backrest, like those I've seen in so many old photos, that allowed a passenger to sit on the floor of the canoe in relative comfort, though I'm not sure it's original to the craft.

The pictures I post here are from the person who sold the canoe. I have better that I can post later.

Thanks again for your assistance.


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Gunderson Canoes

I noticed there was mention of Gunderson Canoes. My grandfather, Leonard Ole Gunderson had the canoe shop at his house in Eau Claire,Wis. before moving it to Hayward, Wis. I can send some photos of the shop and a factory ad if anyone is interested. Unfortunately I never met him nor was able to see one of his boats. If I recall correctly he made boats for Dunphy also as I remember my mother saying they tested them on Half Moon Lake in Eau Claire.

I too would like to see the photos of Gunderson. I did a bit of research some months ago and found a few newspaper ads and articles about Gunderson Canoes in the Eau Claire papers.

I would bet that he did work for Dunphy Boat or Larsen Bros. Boat in Eau Claire at one time. Lymburner was another boat builder that probbaly worked at one of these firms.