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Hey everyone, I have an opportunity to buy a Greenwood sailing canoe that was professionally restored 15 years ago but was stored in such a way that some of the canvas rotted and split. Sounds like the wood work is still in excellent condition. I have no idea of the value of a canoe like this. Owner is asking $1000. If I buy it, I'll probably recanvas it myself. While I'm not in the market for a sailing canoe, if it's a good buy, I might grab it. Can anyone give me an idea of the value of a canoe like this?

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I've noticed that this unit has been for sale for quite some time. One must wonder why as it seems to be of excellent value considering it comes with a complete sailing rig. The sailing rig alone could be worth the asking price. Wish it was a little closer to me. A local, West Coast builder, Bill Greenwood built a very high quality canoe. The only down fall was that they tended to be heavy due to the mahogany outwales, inwales, thwarts, seat frames and decks. I can supply you with quite a bit of information on this builder and his canoes if it will help.
Thanks for the reply. I've learned a bit about Bill Greenwood. Sounds like he made some very nice canoes. I'm in Kelowna so I might just pop down to Penticton this weekend to have a look at it.

Hey Dave,
I am gathering info on Bill Greenwood and Greenwood Water Craft. To what end, I'm not yet sure. But I'd much appreciate your sharing your lore.

Thanks for your offer
Will do. There has never been an article in Wooden Canoe about Greenwood, so that would be great. And of course, an entry in the KnowledgeBase... :D
Thanks Dave, for getting back to me. No, I didn't get your email. Try again please
I did ask Dan Miller also if he had anything, and he sent me scans of the Stewart biography for which he attributed you as the source. Just came this afternoon and I haven't read it yet because I want to read it in hard copy and my printer is down to two sheets.

I don't know where I am going to go with this but I'll certainly keep and share what I find along the way. Got any more good stuff or contacts? Pass them on. Got a call in to the Canadian Canoe Museum, I wonder if they will have anything. Are you interested in my passing stuff along, if I find anything?
Also do you own a Greenwood? Just posted a little technical question about sand texturing that I found on my new Greenwood. it is on the two of the center half-ribs. seems pretty original. wondered if it was standard, and why.

Enough natter, thanks again,