Great Kids - Good Cookies


I just got back from talking to Mic Meyer's (known on this forum as GoodCookies) technology club at PS 81 in Buffalo, NY. For those not following his posts, he is in the process of restoring a 1920 OT HW that was in tough shape to say the least.

What makes this story great is that he has done it with a handful of young people (oldest 8th grade) in 30 minute increments before the start of the school day!

I talked to the kids about my limited restoration experience and showed a Powerpoint presentation about my boat "Taconic". Every time I mentioned a challange in the restoration, the kids nodded knowingly and explained how they handled it in "their" boat. Looking over their boat, though it was obvious that the work was done by young people, I was amazed at the quality of the workmanship and their ability to talk enthusiasticaly about it.

I also showed the WCHA video, and the kids were amazed that there was a whole organization for people interested in the restoration and preservation of old canoe. I could sense a spirit of "belonging" in these young people.

The GoodCookies boat is almost ready for canvas, which will be done by Lews Canoes in Aurora NY. I invited Mic to come to Assembly and tell the story of his project in Wooden Canoe. I hope he does both!
All about the kids!


Nice story and I'm sure it was rewarding sharing knowledge and experience with the future of the WCHA.

Great work,