Gray family & Old Town Canoe info...

I've purchased interesting old ("vintage") pictures with people in them, but the names of the people were unknown.

Unless members of the Gray family are selling these items, it would seem to me that their relatives are being held hostage...
I have sent a message to the seller to see if I can review these. The primary image shown is a Wahoo model from after 1969 so they may not be as old as the seller claims.

The seller was willing to part with these for considerably less than the asking price so I have them now. It did feel a bit like a hostage situation as Kathy mentioned. There are many hundreds of negatives so it will take some time to go through them all. Thanks for keeping me in mind.

The seller said that he got them from a friend who was cleaning out abandoned items from a public storage facility. It appears that my brother may have stored these there but I haven't heard his side of the story yet. I'm just happy to have recovered them. Thank you again to everyone who notified me about this.

A Happy Reunion

How Cool is that?!?! You must feel like you just recovered a huge part of your family. I know practically nothing about my family and no one who is still living seems to care that there was a generation before them. No one kept track of anything.
sharing a thrill

Recently, I met a new cousin! I put my great-grandmother's name into a Google search... and, low and behold, there was an older post on asking for information about my great-grandmother and her husband. I'm not a member of that board, but this woman's old posts were available and it turned out her husband and I share a great-grandfather.

Many questions that my grandmother had about her family were answered, when I emailed my new-found relative. My grandmother was born to my great-grandfather's second wife... and my new relative, Janet's husband, is descended from the first marriage.

Janet had all the family tree information that my grandmother would have loved to know about... but my grandmother simply didn't know the names or where to begin searching. As it turned out, she could have begun with her own name.

My middle name (shared with my mother and grandmother) is a surname I always rather resented, because of childhood teasing. Why not "Ann", like my sister? Nope. My middle name is "Hilliard". Now I look at the family tree and see that name again and again... I am connected to these people, some of whom crossed the ocean in wooden boats.

Love the internet for the connections it makes! I'd Googled family names in the past... and nothing hit until now. Maybe it'll work for you too, Splinter.

Kathryn Hilliard Klos
This is cool. I am fortunate to have relatives who have worked out most of the family genealogy back to the 1600s but pictures add another dimension. All of my names are also old family surnames shared across multiple generations. It is always exciting to find new connections.

I thought so, but then....

This has crossed my mind. What with computers nowadays, how hard could it be, right? Then recently we had some friends of my (new) husbands over for dinner. He is REALLY into geneology and pokes around in the odd corners of the worlds resources to find out more. Suddenly one day he sees an FBI "WANTED" poster for his grandfather! It was a shock.

Seeing as there are some curious/unexplained associations through marriage in my families past generations, (people pretending to be married to run from tyranny to leave their countries, setting up strangely combined households here, orphans, people who don't know where their birth cities were, people who refused to learn English or drive on the right, make cookies made from bacon grease, combine cucumbers and grated carrots in lime jello and call it 'fruit", draw silhouettes of dead composers on their living room walls, etc....) Not sure how much I want/need to know. No wonder my Aunt refers to some of the relatives as "those crazy Europeans". I say, fool them all by singing Irish songs with a Spanish accent. I'll be dead soon anyway.

I'm happy for the awesome excitement K. Klos and Benson are enjoying with all the new discoveries. Celebrate this!

I hope you can bring some of those bacon grease cookies and the lime jello thing to Jag Lake next month.:)
Sorry to dissapoint

Paul and I are not going to be there this year. His sister is coming in from Portland OR with her husband that week and his brother and new wife are coming here from TN. I will be trying to hold down the roof as the politically far, far, far left converge with the politically far, far, far right for a few days at my house. And I am not speaking geographically. They are the Supreme Leaders of the Type-A people and prone to long verbose un-winnable arguments which almost always end in threats to "pack my bags"..... Don't worry, all the shotguns are locked and hidden.

The bacon grease cookies will have to wait for another event but, I cannot bring myself to assemble the jello thing anytime in my lifetime. YUCK-O !
We'll miss you...

Thanks for the smiles and memories of a time I was related-by-marriage to folks who made a "salad" with Snickers bars and Cool Whip.

Woah ! ! !

They are in the "mastery level" of buffet participation. Well, that takes care of 2 whole food groups, doesn't it? Fast AND Junk.