Fresh off the form


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Just pulled my very first canoe off the form last night. Thought you all would like to see the fruits of over a year of labor (including building the form) with considerable assistance from this community. Actually, it probably wouldn't have happened without this community...

Hopefully I'll be paddling it by late summer...


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Very Nice Nick,

Remember to call when you get ready for canvas, or earlier if you just want to show it off. :)

Awesome! What a great feeling to have made your own canoe. I wish I had time to do the same, gotta lay off the models I guess!:eek:
Thanks for the kind comments. She now has decks and cant ribs. I'm working on the thwarts. Every step has been a huge learning experience, of course significantly augmented by you kind (and very patient) WCHA folks.

Just wait 'til boat number 2!