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I'm looking for plans (offsets or line drawings) for a freight canoe. I can't find anything except for David Hazen's "Y" stern freight canoe (20' x 48") or Gillpatrick's Grand Laker. I would prefer something along the lines of the Chestnut wide flat stern, Hudson (17' x45") or Bay (18' x 46"). Even a 16 footer would do.I would like to have the basic dimensions and the sections from stern to bow.
Anybody know of something somewhere?
You have one and have taken the measurements? I could loft it and send you back the lines/sections in exchange. This is for a one off canoe, not commercial production.


Louis Michaud
Don't know if you can find one or someone who would know, but, Lewis Canoes of New Brunswick made freight canoe that they sold to indigenous peoples with a subsidy from the Canadian government. Mr. Lewis passed away some time in the early 80s. His family may still have the forms etc. Perhaps a look at the Wooden Canoe of that period will have the contact info in it. Later today I will see if I can find it in my back issues. Good luck!
Bonjour Louis,

I know this is not exactly what you asked but have you seen this?

I came across this listing while looking for lapstrake canoe plans (go figure??). Maybe you can contact the seller and see if he's/she'd be interested in helping. I don't know where you are located but maybe, just maybe, with any luck, you don't live that far from Toronto and can make a deal to draw it yourself.

Good luck!
I used the lines of the 6 fathom freight canoe in adney and chapelle pg 143, and left of 6 ft from one end for a V stern model, and extended the mid stations and raised the bow for a square stern model. I have done 3 of them and am just starting a 4th. They have worked out really well as steam bent ribs/planking and fabric skin.
Sorry about the delay. In the 1982 Spring issue [#10] is this address. Milton Lewis [he is now deceased] Box 485, Perth Andover, N.B. Canada E0J 1V0 .
No phone listed. canoes up to 26 ft 12 models. Perhaps his son is still around. Again sorry for the delay and good luck.
Thanks for all the input, public and private!

I have a friend wh is trying to track down the Lewis Canoe forms. There is also a Lennon Canoes in Perth-Andover he is looking into.

I'm posting the pictures I found so they won't be lost. This is a Chestnut 19 footer located in the Toronto area.

Also, for those who are interested in this kind of canoe, here is the link to the only builder of freight canoes that I know of. Their 16 footer seems really sweet. In the "Home" section, they say that they use "high density canvas treated with epoxy". !?!?!?!?


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possible link

I just got an email from a relative of Mr. Lewis's. He said that though he didn't know where the sons live now nor where the forms are he would try to find out if someone was interested.
I have a 1947 16' Sebago Lake w/c wide stern boat, and if you dont get any results that you can use, I would be willing to make a set of station patterns for you. I dont have the proper knowledge to try lofting them but I can make station patterns...Only problem is that this time of year it is flipped over and covered for the winter...MVC-004S.JPG This is a pic of it when I had just re-canvassed and filled it.