FREE WASHINGTON STATE CHAPTER Paddle the Columbia with Voyages of Rediscovery FREE

We would like to invite you, your friends, family co-workers and fellow river brother and sisters to come paddling with us on the Lower Columbia River. To celebrate the bicentennial anniversary of David Thompson's historic expedition down the Columbia River we will be paddling from the colossal Beacon Rock down through Portland, past St. Helens and Longview, all the way to Astoria and the Pacific Ocean!

We will be paddling in 2 Dugout canoes and 2 Birch Bark Canoes so some out and paddle on the Columbia River 200 years after David Thompson! Join us for one hour, one day or the entire expedition! Below are the dates and times we will be providing free canoe trips for the public.

Thursday, June 30th @ William Clark Park in Washougal, WA. From 10:00am to 5:00pm we will be at the water front with 2 historic dugout canoes and 2 hand made birch bark canoes. Come and Experience history 200 years later!

Saturday July 2nd @ Portland Waterfront Blues Festival We will be at the festival all day in canoes! Come canoeing, listen to blues and learn about the Columbia River!

Monday July 4th @ St. Helen's, OR Come Celebrate the Independence Day in Dugout and Birch Bark Canoes on the Columbia River! 200 years ago the canadian explorer David Thompson tried to claim the columbia river and the Oregon Territory for Briton, so come out and celebrate the fact we live in the USA!

All of the paddling opportunities will be free and we will be accepting donations to take more students out paddling on the Columbia River!

Pass this onto your friends, family, and all river friends!

Take care and see you on the river!

John Zinser
(646) 415-0023