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Dan Miller

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This thread is for anything related to the Forum upgrade of 1/26/2023. Any issues, questions, suggestions, etc., post them here.


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Hello Dan, Benson and anyone else who has a part in the WCHA website. As we age we get more reluctant to change but that being said please accept my appreciation and a big thank you to everything you all do in making this forum the wonderful resource it is for all of us who love old wood canoes. I am appreciative of the larger font and size of things, less squinting on my part. Keep up the great work you do!
Thank you, Gary


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I agree with Gary... looks nice, and a refreshing look! Thank you!

I'm hoping I'm just missing it in the new format (I can be blind in really stoopid ways...), but is there a "return to top" button? Some of these threads get really long!

Edit, 10 minutes later: Found it! If you just start scrolling up, a little Up Arrow appears in the lower right corner. Click that and it takes you to the top!
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Benson Gray

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The incorrect link in the WCHA forum notification emails has been corrected. Please let us know if anyone sees other issues. Thanks,