Former Old Town Canoe Shop

At least some materials are being salvaged in stead of just razing the whole structure.

The salvage company is currently stripping everything of value out of the interior. The article at says "one estimate the city has received for the demolition phase pegged the cost at $550,000 — $500,000 of which could be recouped by salvaging wood and steel from the site" so their plans are to recycle a lot of it.

Was it ever decided if we could buy a brick or two?

I have requested some bricks along with a few other things but they haven't gotten to that stage yet. My plan is to bring some of them to the auctions at the WCHA Assembly and the Maine Canoe Symposium. We might even be able to sell a few from the WCHA store if there is any interest.

It seemed like a limited virtual tour might interest this group since a real tour can't be arranged. There is a very large (twenty megabyte) image at which will take some time to download. It shows how the factory looked on August 12th, 1952 for an insurance survey. You can zoom in around the edges to see small cross sections that tell what was being done in each area. The original picture was taken by Bruce Harvey as part of the "Maine Historic Building Recordation No. 79 - Old Town Canoe Factory, Old Town, Maine" and was kindly shared by Scott Hanson. Feel free to reply here if you have any questions.