Old canoes at Bass Pro Shop


Curious about Wooden Canoes
There is a relatively new Bass Pro Shop in a nearby town, Manteca CA, where there are no fewer than six old canoes hanging from the rafters as decor pieces. I never thought much about them until I bought my Otca restoration project and started reading the stuff on this site. Now I'm as curious as heck about them. I wonder if any of them are worth restoring or how you would obtain one of them.

I wonder if all Bass Pro Shops hang old canoes from the rafters.
there is a Bass Pro near me and they have some old canoes scatterred around, including one on top of a very old Chevy truck. They sure know how to find 'em.
If you take pictures and post here, maybe we could identify them. I've found most restaurants, etc., that hang old canoes don't know anything about them.
The Bass shop near me has 4 or 5 old ones on top of the "shed" that houses the fitting rooms for trying on clothing. At first glance, they looked like Old Towns to me, but I'm not the most expert eye, and was in a hurry as well. We should take pictures!
Yes each store gets numerous canoes, Birch barks, lots of Penn Yans, Kayaks, skiffs and yes Boston got a lobster boat. I supply a number of them to Bass Pro and other sporting stores. Most of them are retired boats past there prime. Channing
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I have a canoe that is not worth of restoration. How do you go about getting in touch with Bass Pro?
A few years ago I was at their Springfield, Missouri store. They had numerous wooden row boats used as bins for fishing lures, etc... One was a beautiful Thompson Bros. Boat Mfg. Co. model 240 Take-Along. In excellent original condition. It was filled to the gunwales with something. It made me sad.

I am sure they have a display designer team that has feelers out all over North America to find stuff like these boats and canoes that they use for decor.