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I don't know of any plans available for these. There were a broad variety of styles over the years. The easiest option may be to buy one and duplicate it. They show up on eBay and other auctions regularly like the ones at and for example. These aren't very complex so the pictures at and may be enough to get you started. Good luck,

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Rob Stevens

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Here's a picture of one made for me by Ralph Kohn (RIP).


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Wooden Canoes are in the Blood

Here are two pictures of a folding seat that I have. No builders tag so don't know the manufacturer. The seat measures 12" wide and 15" front to back. It is 21.5" tall overall. There is a 5/8" dia. dowel through both legs and the uprights under the seat so the back will fold forward. It has a nice "S" curve to the back which makes it a little nicer than the new ones available. I currently have this seat disassembled so I can refinish it and re-cane it. It's mahogany. It's not a very big so if you want a bigger one just scale up the dimensions. I could take additional photos and dimensions if you want.

CanoeSeatA.JPG CanoeSeat2A.JPG