Mature ACME Folding Boat seeks companionship, respect.


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ACME Folding Boat
Wood & Canvas Collapsible Rowboat

ACME Folding Boats were manufactured in Miamisburg, OH from approx. 1890 to 1950. We don’t know the exact vintage of this particular specimen, but it was actually registered with the Iowa DNR from 1974 to 1981. The owners passed away, and their son donated the boat to the Indian Creek Nature Center. The boat is approx 10’ long, 36” wide, shows normal wear and a couple of minor holes, and appears to be complete with the exception of having no oars.

Photos of the boat have been posted on flickr:

Information on ACME Folding Boats of 1920’s vintage:

Info on ACME Folding Boats in an 1895 Montgomery Wards catalog:

While the boat could potentially return to the water, it probably deserves a place of respect in a collection or museum display. We welcome your bids and/or suggestions for the most appropriate use of this piece of boating history.

Contact Rich Patterson, Director of the Indian Creek Nature Center, Cedar Rapids, IA.

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