FOGG Lumber Company Canoe, Waterford Maine

Blue Viking

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I have acquired a canoe that was made for the father of an old timer here in Maine...He estimates that it was made sometime in the mid 20's....It will be my next has the 2 piece ribs attached to a keelson then when finished has a very small keel ( not a shoe keel) Will post pictures at a later date when I start on it, but would love to hear from anyone who knows this canoe, has or knows anyone who has or had one....No numbers or decals...and ...the decks are very ornamental and unique...I may have the only one in existence. (;))
Baker canoes had a keelson and inlaid decks but they made canoes in Michigan. And the ribs were one piece. The canvas was two piece.
Thanks for the info Dave...but....I can verify that this one WAS in fact made here locally in the Paris/Norway area at about the same time that Stepehsnon and Hosmer were in the business....just cant pinpoint it....I do know that the Fogg Lumber Company was on Rte 37 in Waterford Maine ....Will post pics after I get this W/C boat finished and covered...Thanks to all the advertising that Old Town was doing in that era, a lot of snow shoe and sled makers in this area tried to cash in on the Canoe making business...
There was also a Fogg Lumber company before the great crash in the 20's located in Bangor, my great grandfather was part owner, he also owned Bangor Builders supply. His son, my grandfather later had the E.D. Fogg lumber company in Eddington me. in the barn when I was a kid was a half finished boat, canoe that someone had started building for grandfather or great grandfather that never saw completion. Somebody got it out of him before I got control of the place in 92, I heard it went to southern maine. Got pictures ? I can vividly remember the bow, I had to be careful not to hit it backing the antique Ford truck out of the barn as an underage kid getting to drive on a farm. Currently collecting antique 2 ton Ford trucks and lettering them to now defunct former family business's just to be weird. We also manufactured ships "knees' and center beams for PT boats in WW2.