A.R. Daisey....Millinocket, Maine

Dave Osborn

Here are some pics of a canoe built by A.R. Daisey of Millinocket, Maine.
I'm told by Millinocket local, F. Harvey Bowley, that the Daisey family owned a camp in the area. My guess is that the Daisey's made their own watercraft.
How it ever got to Wisconsin,(and almost the dump), I'll never know.
If anyone else knows anything about this, please speak up.
I replaced the gunwales and decks. The wales and decks were cedar originally. I used oak for the decks. I also added a middle seat because I plan on using it for guiding when I have two clients.


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Nice job Dave! Can you or Harvey provide any idea of the dates when A. R. Daisey was building canoes so I can add this information to http://www.wcha.org/history/maine-list.htm with the other Maine builders? Now tell us about that silver thing in the top left background of your last photo?:rolleyes:

That silver thing is Al. (AL-uminum)
I take AL on trips where long portages are necessary, or where I don't want to subject a woodie to abuse. It is also my "loaner". AL is a good canoe, but is subjected to lay in the woods instead of on the racks like the rest of his older siblings! He doesn't seem to mind.......:D
Dave Osborn said:
It is also my "loaner".

I fully support the sacrificial loaner concept. I keep one plastic canoe simply because there are times when it is nice to be able to let someone use a canoe and not have to worry about what they do to it. The plastic loaner is also the first one to be moved outside when I run out of room inside (which has become a real problem recently).

daicey canoe

Nice job

i will try and get the info on Arnold's canoe building as i have heard he and everyone in Millinocket built off that form he owned sporting camps and had the ones on newsourdnahunk lake (sourdahunk to us that fish it
(grew up in old town and cant spell in "native american"