"flowered Dump Canoe"??


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My good friend WJ was at the recycling center and came home with this fine old canoe that was destined to be trashed.

18 ft 4 in 34 in beam
closed gunwales
bead head nails copper canoe tacks
beautiful flowers



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Looks like a Racine to me. The long deck, closed gunwales, seat brackets, thwart shape, keel length, and wide planking at the bow all are consistent with a Racine I once owned. I'd guess the one piece deck and seats are "enhancements".
On the two Racines that Kathy and I have and on a friends Racine the SN is stamped into the third or fouth rib back from the bow stem. As I recall they have four numerals followed by the length. Denis
Re Racine WIS

Can't take credit for this "tip" cause I snarfed it from the Dragonfly canoe ID webpage:

"Gunwale Feature - Outwales were fastened with rivets, rather than the usual screws. On a canoe with original outwales, look for the rivets, which will be seen on the outboard face of the outwale, and passing all the way through to the inboard face of the inwales. On a repaired canoe or one missing its outwales, look for tell-tale holes in the inwale, spaced every fourth or fifth rib."

If you find a serial number on the rib which, along with other stuff, gives you the feeling that this is a Racine WIS canoe, I'd love to know that serial number because I have a really dandy theory about dating this canoe species. It holds up well for all four Racine canoes I know personally.

I've tripped and I cant get down....
I really like the stem protection, years ahead of its time.
Racine WIS serial number detail

Attached pictures are of Denis Kallery's sixteen foot Racine WIS.


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Thanks Kathy,

I'm storing a Thompson that has the/a S/N stamped into the rib just rearward of the ft stem, and was curious if they were similar.

They aren't, on the one I have, the numbers are large, maybe 1" high and run across the canoe, lengthwise to the rib.