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Happy Holidays Evoryone,

What kind of wood did Old Town use for the floor racks in the 1942 AA grade OTCA's? Thank you, Fred

On my 42 HW the parts of the rack I got with it are Mahogany. It looked like it matched the original Gunnels.

The 1942 Old Town catalog (on the set of CDs available from dragonfly.com) states only that the AA comes with a floor rack at no extra charge, but doesn't give the wood species.

The floor rack on my 39 AA grade Otca is some kind of light wood posably Spruce. It was stained to look like Mahogany and match all the rest of the real Mahogany trim.

Hope that helps.

Floor board

I'm with Michael. I think my 38 OTCA AA looks like spruce. The mahogany is darker on the trim then the floor board.



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Thanks for the picture of the little cutie! Remembering some special summer-times with the little ones...

The canoe looks nice, too. :)

I think these are usually nice clear spruce, stained and varnished. My A grade Carleton is all mahogany except these..same with my sailing canoe.
The spares I have kicking around (from?) are also spruce.