Fitz in NNE

Larry Meyer

Wooden Canoes are in the Blood
Fitz (John Fitzgerald) has a nice article out in the summer issue of Natural New England about a paddle on the Aroostook River in his OT Guide. NNE is a great mag. The editor, Greg Walsh, paddles an OT wood-canvas. Young Fitz has become a stalwart of the Norumbega chapter, got 10 canoes now, and rumors that his marriage is on the rocks are entirely untrue.
How to keep it off the rocks

Well, you see, I have an ace in the hole here;) . The little missus really can't take too much of an issue with the canoe collection, since it was her mother that gave me this blasted case of Canoe Bug! I was a perfectly normal guy and then she left us that little Peterborough Shorty Trapper and I ain't been quite the same since:p .

She had a habit of playing tricks on the old son-in-law, but this is apparently terminal:eek: .

Larry failed to mention he's a regular contributor to Natural New England and he too has a great little piece in this issue on the awaited return of beavers to the Blue Hills Reservation in Boston.
Born and raised in Rangeley and father has an OT Guide and still blames the distaff side! Yeah, tell me another one and pull the other leg.
Not Native.

Well, I have to correct you there. I'm not Native, as in Mainer. Even though I helped my dad dig the outhouse hole at 5 years old, I wasn't born in the Great State of Maine. You can live there a long time and folks will continue to remind you that you are from "Away".

Pa continues to remind me that he took me out of Massachusetts a long time ago, only to see me return...."but Dad, there was this girl..."