filler stain


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I've started to restore a 1937 sailing dinghy I picked up recently.
It is a AA model and all trim is mahogany. Stripping the interior pieces, and particularly the seats and centerboard trunk, it certainly looked like all of the mahogany had been hit with red filler stain (not the cedar ribs or planking). I removed and disassembled the trunk this weekend, and the inside of the trunk very clearly has red filler stain. Judging from the state of the fasteners, wood to wood joints, and tack holes in the keel, I just took off the original canvas and the trunk has not been removed before. It really looks like the mahogany was stained at the factory. There's no information on staining on the build sheet. Is there any hard data on the use of filler stain at Old Town? Color?? I'm not a huge fan of filler stain, but I have to replace a piece of the trunk and staining would help hide the new wood. If staining was done originally, I'll feel better about it.

Hi Bill,

OT did indeed use a stain to match the various pieces of Mahogany. I have noticed the same thing on my '38 dinghy. Were you planning on stripping the entire boat w/ all pieces being stripped too? If that is the case, you'll want to use a gel stain to even all the wood tones out. One must use a gel stain if going over previously finished wood. If not, Trans Tint, (available at Woodcraft) makes a Red Mahogany dye that you could use to match the wood tones.

Hi Mark,

I've stripped everything and used Teak-Nu to clean up the cedar ribs and planking. The interior isn't perfect, but looks pretty good. I wasn't planning on staining the rest of the interior, since it doesn't appear to have been stained before. Four new ribs and some planking went in last weekend. The new red cedar planking is close to the old stuff, but the white cedar ribs are a different matter. They really stick out. I restored a wood/canvas canoe a couple of years ago and just stained the new pieces. After amber spar varnish, the new wood blended in fairly well. Other thoughts on the pros/cons of staining the interior? I'm forging ahead on this boat, soI need to decide soon!